Van McCoy's Magnificent Movie Machine is certainly a crazy device. You shove some musical instruments and a succulent young lady in one end, and after much folding, spindling, and mutiliating you get... porn, evidently.

Suffice it to say that there aren't many people in the world with the moxie, the chutzpah, the sheer strength of will to create a Disco montage comprised of "The Theme from Shaft," "Lara's Theme from 'Dr. Zhivago'," and "The Magnificent Seven." Only Van McCoy and his contrabulous fabtraption was man enough to have a go at it.

After listening to the results, I will state for the record that perhaps it would have been best if he hadn't.

Maybe it's the constant mantra of "Disco! Disco! Disco Movies!" that gets chanted throughout the album. Maybe it's the fact that I don't like Disco. Maybe I firmly believe that the Theme from "Shaft" was best left to the able hands of Issac Hayes and is not a magic to be trifled with.

Damn right.

I'd like to provide tracks, but something tells me no one wants to listen to 17 minutes of this. And plus, I'm too lazy.

Track List

  1. Medley I - Moon River, Over the Rainbow, Gone With the Wind, Somewhere
  2. Medley II - Love Theme From "A Star Is Born," Theme From Mahogany
  3. Medley III - Theme From Shaft, Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago," and The Magnificent Seven

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