Ugh. There isn't a single note of music on this album that could even remotely be classified as Psychadelic, let alone "Psychedellic." Just ten tracks of music pretending to be groovy. No doubt this album was written, recorded, and mastered in a single afternoon on a budget of $50 and a bag of donuts by performers who preferred to go uncredited... a wise career decision.

Basically, the music on this album sounds like bad surf guitar music played through a fuzzbox with a bit of reverb added. Jimi Hendrix would be proud.

Other sterilized generes of music available on the "Custom" label include:

  • Sounds of the Famous Big Bands
  • Country & Western Jamboree
  • Music for the Jet Set
  • The Magic Hawaii
  • and of course... More Psychedellic Guitars

Sounds like they had their bases covered.

Track List

  1. Let's Ride Again
  2. Take A Trip
  3. Flowers (VBR MP3, 2.4mb. Donovan, eat your heart out.)
  4. Love In
  5. Psychedellic Ripple
  6. Coming On
  7. Unchained Soul
  8. Way Out
  9. Take Me Back
  10. Psychedellic Guitars

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