From the liner notes:

"Recently I've had to ask myself 'Ralph, as a composer of Christian music, are you 'saying' anything . . . 'communicating' with the generation now in high school in college?..."

I'll let you, the reader, answer Ralph's question for yourselves.

Go ahead, listen to the track I have available for download below and ask yourself the following question: What year was this album produced?

I'll give you a minute or two to ponder over your answer.


Done? Ok. Brace yourself.

1967. But no hard feelings if you guessed, say, 1958.

Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Seven. Compare this album with any other popular music that came out in the 60s (well, OK, everything aside from "Up, Up, and Away" by the 5th Dimension) and you get the impression that Ralph might have missed the mark just slightly. And no, naming the band "The Young People" didn't fool anyone.

"FOR PETE'S SAKE is, I hope that kind of Christian music. I wanted the lyrics to say something that kids could relate to. The music is their kind of music, and even the grammar, sentence structure, and situations are geared to them."

Track List

  1. He's Everything to Me
  2. There is More to Life
  3. Beyond All Time
  4. The Numbers Song (VBR MP3, 3.7mb. #1 with a bullet.)
  5. All My Life
  6. The Restless Ones
  7. A Life Worth Living
  8. Hear My Prayer
  9. Seek Me With All Your Heart
  10. Miracle of Grace
  11. The Man

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