Isaac Air Freight is "America's Premier Christian Comedy Group" according to their web page. This might be a fair assertion to make given the dearth of Christian-based Comedy troupes out there but it doesn't necessarily mean that these guys are funny in any sense of the word.

Nor are they particularly good at conveying a religious message in an interesting manner. The liner notes are comprised completely of "related" quotes from the Scriptures, but the actual comedy skits themselves are just as humorless. There's a message there alright, and that message is "Religion is boring." This is unfortunate. Surely there's a way to actually have fun while evangelizing, but these guys have completely missed it.

As an example, the track "Woodstock Now" is about three years long. It consists of two ex-hippies talking and talking and talking and talking about how great Woodstock was and how great their lives are because they own all this stuff. Then one of them suggests in passing that he's not that happy, but he has a friend who found Jesus, and he's fairly sure that his friend might be happy. But he's not 100% on that. Then they talk about Woodstock some more and say goodbye. That's the entire skit. I get it: material goods != happiness, Jesus == happiness. Was it really necessary to ramble aimlessly for 15 minutes in order to vascillate on this point?

My copy of this album is warped beyond repair so I'm only able to listen to about half the tracks, but I feel it's safe to assume that the unlistenable tracks are just as uninteresting.


Track List

  1. Final Minutes
  2. Body Schisms
  3. KUSS (VBR MP3, 2.1mb, It's funny because KISS = Satan, yeah.)
  4. Woodstock Now
  5. Cult
  6. Hardness of Heart
  7. E.F. Bullish (VBR MP3, 1.4mb, A laff riot, really.)
  8. Jursalem Dragnet


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