I've been collecting records for the past few years and I've amassed a rather sizeable collection of them. Some of these records are true classics; some are merely mediocre; some aren't very good at all. And then there are those that make you question your faith in humanity. I love these kinds of records, and I'm attempting to build a shrine of sorts to them here, following humbly in the footsteps of such great sites as Frank's Vinyl Museum and the awe-inspring record collection of David Letterman. Click the Album covers for detailed information and audio clips! The mind recoils in horror.

Ah, Frank Herbert's Dune as interpreted in "music" by David Matthews. No, not Dave Matthews, David Matthews. And as much as I dislike Dave Matthews Band, I have to give them credit for being slightly better than this. Though really that's not saying a whole lot. Deep hurting.
Isaac Air Freight is what happens when you combine Born-Again-Christianity with Humor. Much like matter meeting anti-matter, the two cancel themselves out resulting in material which is neither funny nor particularly religious. Huzzah!
Mmmm. A bootleg. And of one of my favorite bands. Step inside to find out why it's on this page.
Fire up the grill, break out the canasta deck, make a few martoonis and put this record on the Hi-Fi: instant party.
Seriously: Best album title ever. (Narrowly beating out "You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish" by R.E.O. Speedwagon by simple virtue of this album not being by R.E.O. Speedwagon.)
The first of several early Christian Rock albums I have. This one will put the hurtin' on your eardrums! Word.
Was anyone fooled?
Solid, far out and right on.
It's hip to be square.
It slices, it dices! It's a floorwax and a dessert topping. With the miracle ingredient, Fraudulin!
Bill Cosby sings the darndest things...


Run away! Run away!