From the liner notes:

The "No Hope" singers, shouters and what's-it-all-abouters have sung off key, put us all down and blown our ears, not our minds.

They've made us weep, leap and strain to catch a word... only to find they were lonely and homely and weird with wonder... like the windmills of their minds were running in reverse.


So if your bag is the upbeat, swinging sound... if you want to feel good not freak out, then listen up. You've come to the right place. The place of hope -- THE NEW HOPE.

I wonder why albums like these are made. Are the producers and the artists so deluded that they really think that they're going to reach "the average teen" by producing an album consisting of half a dozen incredibly banal versions of (for the most part) marginally popular music mixed with a few subtle pieces of Christian evangelism? Or is there a group of Christians who actually enjoy this kind of stuff? Mothers buying it for their children thinking that it's "hip"?

This album, "A Bright New World" is by a group called "The New Hope," a group of "professional musicians, all college age." It's a good thing they pointed out how young they are, because they sound like they're in their 40s. Also, there are 11 of them, but unfortunately none of them are credited on the cover. Their band's instrumental section consists of a guy playing bongos and another on acoustic guitar, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the album. It's amazing what they can do in the studio these days with their computers.

Never before have The Beatles sounded so bland and uninspired. These guys didn't even manage to get the lyrics right. If anyone can tell me what they're singing around 1:40, let me know. It sounds like "For now you know that it's a trule who plays it cool by making his world a little soldier." What this means, the world may never know.

"Good Morning Starshine" is a bad enough song left on its own, but The New Hope somehow manage to make it worse. By the time they get to the "blippy bloppy bloopy" I've completely lost my will to live.

Track List

  1. Hey Jude And Julia (VBR MP3, 4.3mb. We're Young and Hip!)
  2. You Made Me So Very Happy
  3. Medley: The Path Of Love and Love Can Make You Happy
  4. Good Morning Starshine (VBR MP3, 3.2mb. Deep hurting! Deeeep hurting!)
  5. Bright New World
  6. People Got To Be Free
  7. This Is Your Life
  8. More Today Than Yesterday
  9. Windmills of Your Mind
  10. You Could Be Born Again


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