Arnie Carruthers seems to be a somewhat well known (judging by results from Google) Pianist from Spokane, WA. If the biography given on the album's jacket is to be taken seriously, at the time this record was recorded Arnie's main gig was playing the Matador Room of Spokane's Davenport Hotel. (And this record might have been recorded there for all I know.)

"Music For Swinging Bomb Shelters" appears to be a limited production-run record of Arnie and his Piano (accompanied by Noel Waters on Bass) recorded on the "Broken Records" label in Spokane, Washington (located "In the Heart of the Low-Rent District"). The album is BR-1001 which likely means that this was the first (and probably only) record to appear on this label. As far as I can tell this record was made around 1961 or so.

The actual music on the album is quite good; Arnie Carruthers and his bass player Noel Waters seem to be pretty talented guys. Very competent jazz-piano playing, I have no complaints -- truly this would make any bomb shelter swing.

Of course, the reason this album is listed here is because of the cover art. What a great album title, and I of course can dig the lady wearing the Civil Defense hat while grooving on a crate of Spam. Really, this is a theme that needs to be used more often. The liner notes on the back are as tounge-in-cheek as the cover which only adds to the fun.


Track List

  1. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  2. Get Me to the Church on Time
  3. When Sunny Gets Blue
  4. Have You Met Miss Jones?
  5. I'll Take Romance
  6. These Foolish Things
  7. Carolyn
  8. Green Dolphin Street
  9. Tangerine


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