'This music is unique. It will never dominate, yet always be pleasant and listenable." And how!

"Background Music: Music Blended to Mix Graciously With Social Gatherings (Show Tunes)" is but one out of a set of four albums. My only regret in life is that I don't have the other three. The others (according to the back of this album) are "Light and Lively," "Sweet and Sentimental," and "Songs for Harmonizing." That last one sounds very intriguing.

The music on this album is nothing particularly exciting or interesting, as is to be expected given the album's title. Basically it consists of extremely generic-sounding softly played showtunes without vocal accompaniment. Sort of like Muzak, only it's from the 50s.

What I love about this album is of course the cover. Those extremely white people ever-so-pleasantly socializing together in someone's basement Rec Room (complete with obligatory cedar paneling), drinking martinis, commenting on that lovely forest picture on the wall. It depicts a magical world where everyone drinks but no one gets drunk and everyone leaves by 10pm. My, it's swell.

You might be wondering: isn't this music extremely insipid and banal? Don't be silly. As the liner notes explain: "NOTE: These four albums will provide over two hours of music, and can be repeated without monotony, due to the type of selections and musical arrangements." I think this means that you need not own any other music aside from this set. You can just play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and it never gets old! Well, it works for me.

Track List

  1. Isn't This a Lovely Day
  2. It's De-Lovely
  3. A Pretty Girl is like a Melody
  4. You Took Advantage of Me
  5. Evelina
  6. The Way You Look Tonight
  7. You Do Something To Me
  8. Thou Swell
  9. Some Enchanted Evening (VBR mp3, 3.2mb. Yawn.)
  10. Sometimes I'm Happy
  11. Oh Lady Be Good
  12. People Will Say We're in Love


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