This was our third project for my CSE 472 (Computer Graphics) course. The first project was to create a data structure to hold a scene graph, and to create a room with two walls, a floor, a table with four chairs, a window, and an object of our own choosing. The second project was to texturemap and light the room, and the third was to write a raytracer and render the room using it. I used the intersection test routines the instructor gave us to start with, but everything else was written by me. This is the resulting program.


As you can see, my raytracer allows for soft shadows, light diffraction, reflection, and beautiful lighting using the Hall Model. The Ms. Pac-Man machine is a model of my Ms. Pac-Man machine, though it's not a standard Ms. Pac cabinet. Each brick in the wall is a seperate object (it's not a brick texture). Same with the floor. I spent way too much time on this...



Click on the link below to download my fantabulous raytracer, with source. On my 1Ghz Athlon it took a few hours to render a 1024x768 image if I recall correctly. Enjoy!

Download The Raytracer


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