Pac-Guy 2



Ah, memories. I was given an IBM-PC (the original -- 4.77Mhz 8088, 640KB of RAM, 2 360K floppy drives, and CGA graphics) from a friend of the family at the end of 5th grade. All I had were a few software disks, a game or two, and the IBM BASIC Reference Manual. Having nothing better to do that summer, I learned to program in BASIC from that reference manual, learning what each keyword did from the short examples it gave. Over the course of time, I graduated to the wild world of QuickBASIC, in which I wrote many, many programs. But I began to yearn for what every computer geek eventually yearns for... more speed! I began saving my money...

At the end of 7th grade (1993), I spent all of my savings over the past year to pay for half of a shiny new CompuAdd 425TX laptop. Equipped with a speedy 486SX/25 processor, 4MB of RAM, 256 level greyscale VGA graphics, an 80MB hard disk, 2400bps modem, and a 1.44MB floppy drive, I was in heaven. Now at the reins of all that speed, I started writing the game I had always wanted to write... some sort of Pac-Man ripoff. (I was addicted to Ms. Pac-Man from about 3rd grade until, well.. now, I guess). So, I started writing the game and enlisted the help of three of my closest friends (in no particular order) Matt Perry, Matt Dupuis, and Chris Ricketts (though he didn't do too much seeing as he moved away at the beginning of the summer), to do the graphics and a few of the mazes for the game. We spent a lot of time in Matt Dupuis' basement, listening to Weird Al, playing Sonic the Hedgehog (mm, what a great game), shooting some pool on his Fisher-Price pool table, and doing stuff relating to this game.

I think the game went through about 4 revisions, starting with a version that was all done using ASCII characters in mode 13 (to allow for some graphical effects), to a version that was all done using graphics. We had these high hopes for it, that we'd somehow become famous or something. The game was never released in any form to anyone, ever. Shows how ambitious we were... So, this is actually the first time anyone has ever seen the effort of those four 13 year-olds...

I give you, in all of its QuickBASIC glory... Pac-Guy 2.



Ok, I wanted to have screenshots. But Windows XP won't run graphical DOS apps in a window (well, at least not this one), and I don't have any other computers to run it on at the moment. So, I bring you to...



Yes, you can play the game that I'm sure everyone will rave about (provided everyone is clinically insane). Click the link below!

Gimme Pac-Guy 2, It's the BOMB!


Now that you've downloaded it (you did download it, right? RIGHT?) Here's how to play it.

  1. Download (yes, download it, darn you!)
  2. Dig out that 486 you have in your basement, or find some software that makes your computer run like one. Otherwise the game will be over approximately 0.000253 seconds after it started.
  3. Unzip it to a folder of your choice (be creative!)
  4. Run QB.EXE (yeah, ok, so I'm sure Microsoft will sue me for including it. Bring it on.)
  5. Load PAC-REV2.BAS
  6. Hit <Shift+F5> to start the game running
  7. Type in the directory that you unzipped the file to
  8. Play the game!
  9. Play it again!
  10. Tell your friends!
  11. Send me money!

There's also a Maze Editor (called, for some reason that I've completely forgotten, "WPRO"), and a Sprite Editor (called "SPRO"). The interface is completely non-intuitive, but it works. Check the source to see what the keys are, if you really want to know.

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