This is just a little program I threw together over a couple of hours when I was supposed to be studying for some exam or something. Actually, I came up with the idea during my incredibly boring Statistics class with the Iranian professor who spoke no English and couldn't teach. I wrote a prototype of it on my TI-89 calculator, and later in the week I wrote this in Win32 using MFC. It generates a maze and its solution. Fantastic. Kinda pointless, but I'd never written a maze generating program before (unless you count the one I modified from a BASIC book for the TI-99/4A, which I don't.) It uses straight recursion, which means that if you try to generate a maze that's too large, it'll run out of stack space and die. This is probably a bad thing.



There it is, isn't it grand? The solution is done for you in light red, just in case you didn't feel like spending several eternities figuring it out for yourself.



Download away, my good friend. A world of tiny, hard to follow mazes awaits! Includes source. Once again, this requires Windows.

Get Yer Maze Here!


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