Here you'll find a list of some of the more interesting projects I've undertaken since I first started fooling around with computers (though most of them are from the last few years). Browse around, feel free to send me some comments, questions, insults, etc. about them if you're so inclined.

PERQemu: a 3RCC PERQ Emulator My most recent undertaking in the world of emulation.
DotNES: An NES Emulator This is a Nintendo NES emulator I wrote in C#... woo.
Gameboy Emulator This is the Nintendo Game Boy emulator (tentatively called "CricketFighter 2k") that I've been working on for the past year or so in my spare time.
Car MP3 Player An MP3 player for my "beloved" car, using a custom made frontend for mpg123 and a slimline 486 upgraded to a Pentium 83. Check it out, it'll surely rock your world.
Pac-Man AI An artificial intelligence agent that learns to play the classic arcade game "Pac-Man" (more or less).
All Your Base A game written with a few other classmates for my Computer Graphics final project, it's fab.
Raytracer A raytracing engine written for the aforementioned Computer Graphics course. It only renders a pre-programmed scene, but hey, it's a start. And it looks groovy to boot.
It's the End of my Project and I'm Tired Images and text synchronized with the R.E.M. song "It's the End of the World as we Know It (And I Feel Fine)." Michael Stipe, if you have any problems with the usage of your song, let me know...
Synthesizer Play music using your keyboard! It's probably the most amazing thing ever.
Maze Just a little something I threw together in an afteroon when I was kinda bored...
Pac-Guy 2 Finally, after many years, this game is released to the public to take its rightful place among the other video game greats... Actually, it's a game I wrote in 7th grade with a few friends of mine. It's not really that good. But I love it anyway.

Note: Most of the above have source code available for download. I'm not releasing the source code under any particular license (BSD, GPL, etc...) but I do ask that if you use the source code in your own program that you let me know and give me credit somewhere. Thanks.

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