All Your Base



Our final project in my CSE 472 (Computer Graphics) course was to write a game. This was a group project and my group members were Roger Ostrander, and Amy Bardenhagen. I wrote the input and sound routines, as well as the "Attract Loop," the "Intro Screen," and the "High Score Entry" screen. The sound routines didn't end up getting used much due to time constraints -- we, ah, procrastinated a bit too long and wrote the entire game in about five days... Roger wrote the game itself, which was quite an accomplishement, given the time constraints.

All in all, it was a very fun project, and Amy and Roger were a blast to work with. I had fun writing the attract/intro/high score (when the game first loads, wait about 20 seconds, so you don't miss my lovely attract loop!). We ended up with a 4.0 on it, and of course we were happy about that.



Here's the whole shebang, it's kinda large (25MB) as it has a couple of uncompressed audio files of illegally pirated music. (The Red Elvises... they rock, go out and buy all their albums.) I'd release the source, but I'll have to talk with the other two members to make sure they're ok with it before I do, I hope you understand. Click the link below!

Download All Your Base, It'll Knock Your Socks Off

Oh yeah, and to exit (since we sorta forgot to add it), press Alt-F4. It's a feature, not a bug.

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