My name is Josh Dersch, I'm an alumnus of Michigan State University (class of 2002) and this thing you're soaking in is my web page. I'm currently gainfully employed at Microsoft where I spend my time writing lines and lines of code. Sometimes they even compile!

After a few years of saying "hmm, you know, I really should put up a webpage sometime," I finally sat down and did it in the winter of 2001. This is the fruit of my effort. Yeah, it's not much. I have no eye for page layout and I never really got into learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and boy does it show. But, I decided it'd be nice to show off some of the relatively interesting programming projects I've undertaken in my relatively short existence in this universe, and I also wanted to put up a detailed list of all the computers and related hardware I own (something I've wanted to do for a long time).

This page has been hosted on a variety of platforms and through a variety of different ethernet connections. Currently, it's hosted on an IBM PowerServer (model 560) running AIX 5.1. Equipped with a speedy 50Mhz POWER processor and 128MB of super-fast 70ns RAM, it's got enough power to serve up webpages and not a whole lot else. It also keeps my bedroom warm in the winter. Previously, the page has been hosted on a Macintosh SE/30 (16Mhz 68030, 32mb ram, NetBSD 1.5.2), and a Dual Celeron 466 (Slack 8.0). Someday I'll write a TCP/IP stack for my Lisa 2/10 and then we'll really be cooking with gas.

In case you were wondering, the name "Yahozna" comes from the name of a song on the Frank Zappa album "Them or Us." The actual title of the song is "Ya Hozna," but I decided to make the name of my site one word so as to coincide with the domain name. Yeah, I'm a big FZ fan.

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